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When Stars Go Out

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GRO, the government’s Great Reorganization Operation, is turning American society upside down, seizing teenagers and throwing them into compounds across the country. Behind the speeches and programs, a darkness stirs. Reed can feel it. Taken from his home and placed in “The Hill," he can’t escape the feeling of evil. Something is preying upon the teenagers. An entire city lies paralyzed under the iron fist of a shadowy government agency. Spies lurk among the crowds of frightened teens. Fear keeps a choking hold.

But Reed stumbles upon a different side of this dark reality—a world of secrets where the light still lingers and hope burns in the hearts of a few. It’s a strange world, where everyday teens play a high-stake game of cat-and-mouse with the secret police. But it’s fascinating, thrilling, and it all seems to revolve around a single figure—one man—that ties Reed’s parallel lives together. Though dangerous to be around, he seems to hold the answers Reed needs to make sense of the insanity around him. But he's being hunted, and the secrets in his past may be darker than anything else that haunts the Hill.

Caught in a crossfire of warring ideals, Reed is thrown face to face with an agonizing choice and a single path of escape—but is it worth what it will cost him?

The Book

I didn't set out to be a writer. I had a story, and I couldn't rest until I had written it down.

​Of course, it started before that. I had always loved literature: reading it, analyzing it, writing it. I began with short stories and essays. When Stars Go Out was my first novel, and I wrote it when I was fifteen, never dreaming it would be published. That was eight years ago, and though life has gotten much busier and I don't have the time that I used to, I still love to write.

At heart, I'm an artist—graphic designer, photographer, and writer. I love to create in all mediums and forms. My goal is to generate beauty and communicate meaning in a way that reaches people on a personal level. Stories can do that, and that's why I write them.


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